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Aim / Haborym

Aim / Haborym

(found on /x/)

(found on /x/)

multifarious-coterie replied to your post: 23

I heard the call to send you a random number, and thus I did. o.o Though I had no idea what would happen if I did. xD I suppose this question might pop up a lot, so if you just referred me to google I wouldn’t be offended: What are the goetic demons?

They’re demons (or “spirits”, if one prefers) from the Ars Goetia, a part of The Lesser Key of Solomon, which is one of the most, er, popular old grimoires.

(Reportedly “goetia” has something to do with “howling” but I was under the impression that “ars goetia" means "the art of evocation". I forget where I got that from.)

Besides listing the demons, the book describes certain strict requirements for the evocation, like getting the right Moon phase and time of day, and creating the demon’s seal in the right metal; creating the “magical circle” and “magical triangle” and etc etc etc and speaking the right words blah blah blah, “/—/ also a girdle of lion’s skin three inches broad, with all the names written about it which be round the outmost part of the Magical Circle /—/”. You get the idea. It’s super fancy. Don’t try it at home, unless you know what you’re doing or if you’re a suicidal Chaote.


3nantiodromia replied to your post: 53

OOOO but 23 spells disaster!

Actually! it spells the following:

I’ll be busy.

oh fuck what

23 and 53 are Aim and Caim. My followers are made of majiqk.


Already got one! XD



Now I’ll go see which one is the 23rd goetic demon… (Yes, I’m ashamed I haven’t memorized them all yet!)

Someone should send me a random number between 01 to 72 (included).

EDIT: Got it, thanks!